Berettyóújfalu in the 1930s
With his older sister Éva, 1935
With his parents and sister, 1936
The Konrád iron-goods store in Berettyóújfalu
With his older sister Éva, 1941
With his sister in Bucharest – They are still guests at the apartment of László Kún, as their parents, of whom they know nothing, have not yet returned from deportation; 1945
The Synagogue in Berettyóújfalu 1945
Cousins: below, George Konrád with his sister Éva; above, cousins István and Pál Zádor and Zsófia Klein, 1947
Class picture, Imre Madách Gimnázium
His school class roll
With first wife Vera Varsa
Iván Szelényi, 1973
The bellringer’s house at Csobánka 1974
In Csobánka, 1975
In Csobánka. On the wall of the house: Ivan Szelényi (After Szelényi emigrated, Gyula Pauer drew him on the wall of the house)
The 70s
In East Berlin with his friends, 1975
Iván Szelényi at Ferihegyi airport on the day of his emigration, 1975
With his second wife Júlia Lángh and their two children, Dóra and Miklós, 1978
With Judit Lakner, preparations in a photographer’s studio on Fő utca. 1979
Wife Judit Lakner and daughter Zsuzsi
Alternative cultural forum
Susan Sontag and Danilo Kią at the Alternative Cultural Forum
Desk, 1987
With his Dutch publisher Rob van Gennep, 1987
with Haraszti Miklós in 1988
With his wife Judit Lakner and their two young sons Áron and Józsi, 1990
After receiving the Peace Prize of the German Book Trade (Friedenspreis des Deutschen Buchhandels), with Jorge Semprun in front of the Paulskirche in Frankfurt. Semprun delivered the laudation.
With Siegfried Unseld, Head of Suhrkamp publishers
Memorial evening for Danilo Kią, 1991
At a function of the Democratic Charter, with Károly Makk and Tivadar Farkasházy 1992
In Hegymagas, 1993
St. György Hill with daughter Zsuzsa in the foreground
In front of the Berlin Academy of the Arts
With his wife Judit Lakner, in Rome
Photographs by Judit Kepes
with Áron, 1999
Photographs by Judit Kepes
In Hegymagas, 1999
Staircase address at the Academy of Fine Arts, 2000
with Günther Grass, 2000
Photographs by Szilágyi Lenke
György Konrád and Gábor Demszky
Photographs by Judit Kepes
Photographs by Judit Kepes
with Adam Michnik
The garden in Hegymagas
Photographs by Judit Kepes