They say that the shorter a constitution is, the better – and let succeeding generations rack their brains over an interpretation. Our present one, recently released for discussion, is long and didactic, according to its critics. I have no doubt that it has its flaws, just as we modern Europeans do. You could say that we have bitten off more than we can chew, but even these relatively few agreements and accords are a step forward since, one way or another, they prevent all manner of trouble and perhaps even remedy some, keeping a lid on conflicts and making our lives more humane. As various projects and agreements become implemented on the ground, we can see ourselves with a post-honeymoon sobriety, even melancholy sarcasm. For no matter how positive and productive it may be that politicians and high state functionaries are traveling around and discussing matters more than they previously had, this is still not enough to create general contentment throughout society. I do not envy them their regular dinners together. That is their job. Let them enjoy it. Then they will be in no mood to fight.

-“Pro Europa”